DR Flat Panel Partners

MXR Podoblock has a standard solution
for every DR flat panel.

It doesn't matter if you use the "newest" or the "oldest" model on the market. Because the DR flat panels are expensive and more delicate than a CR cassette, you definitely need an good protection for the panel itself. We provide a complete and professional range of products to accomplish this. The basic thing you need is a Protectionbox or Sleeve, our Cowboy box "all in one" is the optimal solution.
Of course we provide DR Skyline tunnels to make navicular Skyline exams of the hoof. You can also upgrade from Skylinebox to the optimal solution: our DR-Combibox. Please ask your local supplier of the DR flat panel about our products. For a complete list of all DR flat panel manufacturers and suppliers please see the next pages. According to this list you can decide what MXR Podoblock article number needs to be ordered.

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