Redboot Equine Limb Prosthetic

The equine limb prosthetic is used for the front or hind limbs of the horse.

There are:

  • custom made
  • Price on request

The Redboot Equine Limb Prosthetics comes in one-size-fits-all.

Technical Specifications

Every year thousands of foals are born with FLEXURAL OR ANGULAR LIMB DEFORMITIES or deviations at the level of the carpus or fetlocks avoiding that they reach their top performance level later in their future sports career or at the sales. Traditionally casts and homemade devices such as PVC pipes have been used with the disadvantage that they injure or leave skin marks in foals legs. Horses quite often suffer injuries, wounds, or fractures where immobilization is a must.

REDBOOT reintroduces the use of EXTERNAL COAPTATION with a revolutionary line of boots, braces, and prosthetics specially designed in lighter and durable materials that adapt anatomically and with comfort avoiding the injuries produced by the old fashion devices.