Tailor-made Solutions

Most of our valued customers by now are aware of the quality and extensiveness of standard product range, but did you know we also offer the opportunity to contact us for any technical problem you may have? One of our unique selling points is that we can provide tailor-made solutions to a large number of questions our clients run into. Our strength lies in a technical and – above all – pratical approach to a wide variety of problems that we can solve through years of experience.

Underneath please find a selection of tailor-made solutions we came up with over the past years.

If you need an answer to your problem, don’t hesitate to contact us and we may well be able to help you out in every which way we can!

Lead Insert

These tailor-made, lead inserts can be used to avoid backscatter when taking x-rays. Simply add them at the back side of your cassette or DR-panel when using our Podoholder, Protectionbox, Podo-Protectionbox, Cowboybox, Skylinebox or Combibox.
Standard value 0.5 mm Pb, but can be ordered in all desired lead-values.


Designed according to the client's wishes. Cupboard stores 220v medical appliances and hangs from the ceiling. The rotation function allows for continuous availability of all appliances. Can be supplied with height adjustable swingarm as to use applications either standing up or sitting.


Custom design color for Bucky and Vaquero.

Esaote DRagster

This custom designed handle at the side and extra stop at the back of the DRagster are customer-built for an Esaote ultrasound scanner.

Scinti Blocks

Tailor made blocks to raise the horse's foot to the desired height in 2 stages. The blocks are fully made without any metal parts, in order to avoid interference with Scintigraphy.


Tailor made, stageless swingarm (like the Stat-X concept), with rotating plateau for equipment to rest on. The swingarm allows for full swerve and adjustment to the desired height and can be stored away against the wall after use.


Tailor made supplementary insertion to allow smaller casstettes to be used in larger boxes.

Podoblock Extension

A tailor made extension to place between Podoblock and Topblock in order to raise the hoof 100mm.

"The Podoblock Extension works very well and pushes Navicular bone up back of P2 above joint for better DP views. I love it! Also a good position for Navicular bursal injections. Thanks for all your help."

Kings Park Equine Clinic