Innovative Imaging Solutions

With over 13+ years of innovating, designing, and building portable product solutions for x-ray and ultrasound systems, we have positioned ourselves as the global leader of accessories and tools for the mobile imaging market. Our products are durable, high-standard, highly portable, and practical to enhance efficiency and support mobility for all veterinary and health care professionals on the go.

What we do

Podoblock supplies accessories for every X-ray and ultrasound system on the market - both for standard and specially tailor-made configurations.

  • Our products are innovative, durable, high standard and mobile for every environment.
  • Each piece of equipment has been designed, built and tested by us to ensure your safety and maintain our standards
  • Environmental conditions can influence wearability, so we choose only the highest quality of materials for our products. 

Our Reach

Through a distributor network, we supply products worldwide or, if needed, we ship directly to you.

Trusted by more then 400+
veterinary and counting.