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Ice boots for horses are easy to use boots designed to apply an ice water slurry directly to a horse’s hoof. 

  • The boots are sold in pairs but can be used on a single or multiple feet. 
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Ice boots for horses come in various models to cover horses hooves. The boots are designed to allow the ice and water to surround the foot and coronary band while preventing the ice from getting under the sole, making it uncomfortable for the horse. It can be used for extended (days) of therapy or reused for multiple intermittent ice applications.

Once a CryoStride boot is placed on to lower limb and filled, the ice and water can last up to 3.5 hours. Reapplying to ice only takes moments. It is as simple as unzipping the boot, scooping ice in and closing the zipper. Meanwhile, the horse is completely free to walk around the stall or be hand walked without removing the boots. We do not recommend horses be turned out in areas larger than a stall wearing the boots.

The sole of the CryoStride boot is made from Superfabric ® to prevent wear from the hoof or shoe, as well as any surface the horse may stand or walk on. In addition, an inner slipper secures the boot to the foot while leaving the coronary band and upper portion of the hoof wall exposed to direct contact with the ice water slurry.

The outer part of the boot at the hoof level is made of waterproof Cordura to hold the water produced by the melting ice, therefore, maximizing the contact area. In contrast, the upper portion of the boot is secured to the leg with a thick neoprene inner sleeve surrounded by a water-permeable loose-fitting Cordura outer. This means it acts as an ice reservoir and opens easily with a longitudinal zipper to refill ice regularly and easily. Water seeps through the zipper to keep the water level at pastern or lower, optimizing the coronary band’s ice contact.

The coronary band temperature rapidly reaches as low as 0°C and remains below 11°C for over 2 hours with just one application of ice.

CryoStride boots come in multiple sizes to accommodate any hoof. See our size chart to get the perfect fit. They are easy to care for with a light hand wash and air dry.

Conditions that may benefit from ice application to the hoof: Laminitis, navicular disease, bruised heels, bruised soles, coffin joint arthritis

  • Soft, durable construction for comfort and mobility
  • Inner slipper prevents ice from getting underfoot and causing discomfort
  • Superfabric® prevents wear and tear on the ground surface
  • Thick neoprene inner sleeve safely supports ice reservoir.
  • Waterproof lower portion maintains ice slurry over hoof and coronet.
  • The front zipper allows easy and fast ice reapplication.


Additional information

CryoStride Boots Sizes

Cryostride – Boot Original – Foal – Blue, Cryostride – Boot Original – Pony – Blue, Cryostride – Boot Original – Small Horse – Blue, Cryostride – Boot Original – Standard – Blue, Cryostride – Boot Original – Warm Blood – Blue, CryoStride – Boot Original-Draft-Blue

The CryoStride boot is shipped fully assembled. To prepare the boot for use, remove the boot from the packaging and follow these individual steps.

Step 1

Unzip the zipper and invert the outer portion of the boot.

Step 2

Open velcro on the inner slipper and inner sleeve.

Step 3

Place inner slipper over the elevated hoof.

Step 4

Secure the inner slipper to the hoof by closing velcro across the heel bulbs. To assure proper alignment, the back seam of the outer boot should be centred between the heel bulbs.

Step 5

Turn boot right side out, starting at the front of the foot. Allow the weight of the foot to assist by pulling the boot up while the horse places the foot down.

Step 6

Secure the inner neoprene sleeve around the cannon bone with a snug but comfortable pressure.

Step 7

Apply ice to the Cryostride boot, filling the foot and the additional area above.

Step 8

Additional ice can be added as the zipper is partially closed. Then close the zipper to the top.

Step 9

After the boot is initially filled and the horse moves about, the ice will settle, and additional ice can be added right away if desired. Refill ice as needed, approximately every 2 hours.

Step 10

To Remove, unzip and open the velcro from the inner sleeve. Next, invert the outer boot and open the velcro from the inner slipper as you pull the entire boot off.

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