Product special designed for Equine


Magnetic X-ray block greatly enhances both your and the horse’s mobility and working speed. The blocks stay on the horse while making oblique X-rays.

The cloxx can be used with or without (radiolucent) foil wrapped around the horse’s shoe for safe fixation and even works on a barefoot horse.

The MagRayCloxx is a bestseller in our Podoblock category.


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  • Made of synthetic PE500
  • Clean break-over on the front and side
  • Magnets to fix to the horseshoe
  • 2 (or 4) blocks that come with  a hand dispenser and 5 (or 12) radiolucent rolls of foil for extra fixation
  • Length 6.1″ – Width 6.3″ – Height 2.4″

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1 Hand dispenser / 12 foil rolls, 2 Blocks / 1 Hand dispenser / 5 Foil rolls, 4 Blocks / 1 Hand dispenser / 12 Foil rolls

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