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Mobile WorkStation (Configurator)

From $1795

The Mobile WorkStation is a sophisticated, compact, and flexible construction that creates optimal working space for every ambulatory professional. Build your own in 4 steps

  • Start with a Base element
  • Choose your Upgrades
  • Choose your StorageBoxes and Drawers
  • Order your own Mobile WorkStation

Choose your preferences and upgrades

Easily put together your Mobile WorkStation. Select your equipment and add-ons

  • *

    Base Element + $1,795.00

Choose your upgrades

  • *

    Workspace Increasement + $550.00
    Power Supply + $75.00
    Power Extension + $75.00
    Power Expansion + $250.00
    Power Storage + $450.00
    Telescopic Equipment Support + $250.00
    SCANdroid Transport Support + $75.00
    4 Positions Hook board + $75.00
    Garbage bin with separate needle container + $150.00
    4 Tube positions + $425.00
    Garbage bin, Needle container & Tork paper dispenser + $550.00
    Transport profile + $70.00

Choose your Medium StorageBoxes

You can stack the StorageBoxes up to 27" high on the Base Element.

  • *

    Medium H105 + $100.00
    Medium H130 + $100.00
    Medium H180 + $100.00
    Medium H230 + $100.00
    Medium H330 + $100.00
    Medium H430 + $100.00

Choose your Large StorageBoxes

Large StorageBoxes can be stack on medium StorageBoxes. Always start with a medium StorageBox on the Base Element, because the large is to wide to fit on the bottom.

  • *

    Large 130 + $160.00
    Large 180 + $160.00
    Large 230 + $160.00

Choose your XXL StorageBoxes

The XXL StorageBox version is specially made to store bulky items, such as boots, in the car. Or store extra equipment and only take the items you need. If you want to take the XXL StorageBox with you to your mobile workplace, using the Transport Base element is the best way to go. Use the Stationary base element, which is compatible with every size StorageBox, for safe transport in the car.

  • *

    XXLarge 230 + $195.00
    XXLarge 330 + $195.00
    Transport base element + $150.00
    Stationary base element + $85.00

Choose your Toolbox or Drawers

These StorageBoxes have a medium width. Convenient for storing all the small items and have always access to the drawer.

  • *

    Single Drawer 270 + $160.00
    Single Drawer 315 + $160.00
    Triple Drawer 315 + $160.00
    Toolbox + $150.00

Product total

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Product configuration total:

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  • For the non-European users, we provide professional adapter plugs


Twist&Lock knob

The boxes are designed to securely stack on top of each other with a Twist&Lock knob. The WorkStation’s base element also has a Twist&Lock knob for securing boxes. The stacking possibilities are unlimited and create a perfect, uniformed and organized storage system.

How many boxes fit on the Base element?

You can stack up the StorageBoxes and Drawers to 68 cm high on the Mobile WorkStation. Need more boxes for your equipment? No worries, you can easily change boxes on the Mobile WorkStation. Another option is to take extra boxes to the mobile workplace on a Transport Base Element. For safe transportation, a Stationary Base Element is available which secures the StorageBoxes in the car.

Width of the boxes

The storges boxes come in 3 standard sizes Medium, Large and XXLarge. These sizes indicate the width of the box. Within the sizes, the boxes have different heights

M W15.6″ x D11.7″
L W20″ x D11.7″
XXL W31.2″ x D11.7″

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