RedBoot Corrective Foal Boot

The Corrective Foal Boot is designed to be used in all fetlocks for:

  • Correction of Flexural Limb Deformities or contracted tendons
  • Correction of Angular Limb Deformities or toe-in / toe-out conditions
  • Prevention of acquired retraction due to pain-post-injury
  • Permanent or temporary immobilization of the distal limb
    (for better management of fractures, tendon or ligament injuries
    and wounds)

The Corrective Foal Boot comes in one-size-fits-all.


paardenkliniek De Watermolen

“We are very happy with the RedBoots. They are superb for young foals with flexural deformities and very easy to use for treating Vets at events.”

Paardenkliniek De Watermolen B.V.
– C.J.W. (Carmen) Scheffer


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Technical Specifications

Every year thousands of foals are born with flexural or angular limb deformities or deviations at the level of the carpus or fetlocks – avoiding that they reach their optimal performance level later in life.

The Corrective Foal Boot is designed mainly to correct problems in young foals, so the earlier you use them (days or weeks) the higher you can expect results.

The Foal boot is a ‘one size fits all’ for foals up to approximate 90 days, a little depending on the size and breed. In general, it will fit most Thoroughbred, Polo & Quarter horse foals of average size up to over 2 months old. For regular size Warmblood foals, it can be used up to 1,5 months old.

The limiting aspect regarding the size will be at the level of the fetlock articulation. Usually, the feet are not a problem. But it will not only depend on the size of the foal but on the condition (probably a swelling is in the way) of the leg. You can remove the inner layers if you need that extra space, both of them at the time or just the front one or the back one. If you do this then you have to compensate by using more bandaging inside. In some cases, you can trim the toe and gain more space inside the foot area.

Foals can use two RedBoots or braces at the same time with no problem and they learn to stand up with them.

Some bilateral conditions can be managed just by using one boot or brace at the time for 4-5 hours in one limb and then on the other one, although some cases will benefit immediately by use of a boot in each limb simultaneously.

These are just guidelines and each case is different and the only experience will determine what’s best.

  • Outside boot material: Fiber Glass and Resins
  • Joints material Joints: Nautical Stainless Steel
  • Inside material: High-density foam
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs
  • Height : 15″