Redboot Emergency Compression Boot

Emergency Compression Boot are used for:

  • Immobilization of distal limbs
  • Emergency breakdown stabilization
  • Condilar, sesamoid or P1, P2, and P3 fractures
    (where normal alignment is required)
  • Wound management (where immobilization is needed)

The Emergency Compression Boot comes in 2 sizes: Regular and Large





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Technical Specifications

The Emergency Compression Boot is mentioned for horses and comes in two sizes to cover a wider range, they are called regular and large.

In general the regular cover all the average Thoroughbred, Polo  & Quarter horses and the large model for most Warmbloods (there will be some warmbloods that will be too big even for the large and there might be some yearlings that can use the regular).

In the hind legs, the bigger one holds the plantar aspect of the metatarsal region better because it is a few cms taller.

If you work as a Vet with a general population of just Polo or Thoroughbred, suggested is the regular one but if you have a mixed practice with all breeds get the large one.

The disadvantage of the bigger one is that you have to use a bit more bandaging but you will have a wider range of horses that will fit.

Sometimes, even if the measurements of the hoof are good, it won’t fit because of the shape of the heels and bulbs that come too far backwards. You can trim a few cms on the toe and that mostly helps. Ideally, take the shoe off, but in an emergency, you can use them with the shoes on.

You can remove the inner rubber to gain some more space but then use more bandaging.

Always bandage with cotton roll or something similar. Avoid putting excessive bandaging around the fetlock area to avoid excessive pressure.


  • Outside boot material: Fiber Glass and Resins
  • Joints material Joints: Nautical Stainless Steel
  • Inside material: High-density foam
  • Regular: weight 4.4lbs | height 18″
  • Large: weight 5.1lbs  | height19″

Additional information

Redboot Type

Emergency Compression Boot (Large), Emergency Compression Boot (Regular)